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Math-O-Scope & Scintillation 2022

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I remember, involve me and I learn”
– Benjamin Franklin

The purpose of the Maths and Science event is to elicit creative perspectives and ideas from our young prodigies, who may be able to help in solving our today’s problems. The event aims to explore and encourage scientific temper, attitude as well as creative thinking amongst students. Through the exhibition, the students developed a scientific spirit and curiosity that forces them to think and creatively find solutions to the challenges.

DPGA organised Mathoscope and Scintillation – A maths and science exhibition with an endeavour to promote and nurture maths, science skills and scientific research among young innovators. The students gained a sense of accomplishment from the virtual display, which featured engaging models, games, discoveries and even life history of various mathematicians and scientists that clearly illustrated their creative and innovative ideas in the field of mathematics and science. All the exhibits highlighted immense potentialities, utmost dedication, sincerity and passion of the students towards the development of Science & Mathematics.

Math-O-Scope & Scintillation 2021

Dr. Pillai Global Academy School, Borivali, Mumbai celebrated the Math and Science week 2021, Mathoscope and Scintillation from 22nd to 26th February, 2021.

Students from the Early Years up to grade 12 actively participated and were all the more excited as it included intellectual games and concepts that they had learnt in class. The Scintillation theme for Science was ‘Sustainable Goal developments’, where students presented working models and experiments, based on the theme. Math-o-scope saw students presenting various theorems, concepts and ideas through skits, charts, games and the like. The IB students presented some interesting Mathematical Paradoxes.

The objective of the entire programme was to create research mindedness, promote a scientific attitude, bring out innovative ideas, collaborate with each other and learn from others’ experiences. It was a good learning experience for the students to present their ideas and knowledge using technology. All the Math and Science teachers from primary and secondary supported the students in their endeavours in respective topics of their syllabus and beyond. Teachers guided the students in using technology, content research and project development that helped them explore the beauty, power, and usefulness of Mathematics and Science.

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Math-O-Scope & Scintillation 2020

Mathoscope & Scintillation 2020 was a successful event in DPGA, Gorai. All students of the school including the primary and secondary sections had exhibited a variety of projects, games and activities which showed their knowledge in Math & Science subjects.

The event highlights were Talent show and Math Skit which received huge rounds of applause from the visitors. Special attractions of Smart City and Dark Room were appreciated wherein, the smart science projects by our IGCSE & IBDP students were outstanding. While the students ‘excitement in presentations knew no bounds, parents’ exclamations on the overall event was much appreciated.

Mathoscope & Scintillation 2019

Dr. Pillai Global Academy organised an Annual Science & Math Exhibition on Saturday 9th February, 2019. The event started at 8.30 am. All the parents were invited to witness the enthusiasm of the students who had worked hard towards this day. The exhibits were made and displayed by the students from the pre-primary, primary & our secondary sections.

Students showcased their talents via math activities and science experiments and life hacks alike. Students from the secondary section performed mime acts and dance highlighting math and science aspects. All the students from all grades participated and conducted games and activities. A skeleton selfie corner was erected to add to the scintillating science mood that pervaded the lower lobby.

Math-o-scope and Scintillation was the reason of a ear to ear grin on every child’s and parent’s face. The day ended successfully leaving everyone feeling elated and proud today.