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Republic Day

Republic Day – 2020-2021

This year DPGA Gorai celebrated the 72nd Republic Day with equal enthusiasm as every other year. Toddlers dressed in tricolour clothes, showcased their creativity through craft and other activities. They understood the significance of this day through their own short speeches and presentations.

Students of other sections participated in various other activities, with Primary participating with songs in the overall school celebrations. Parents and teachers joined in too, with dances and songs respectively.

This day indeed instills a patriotic fervour in our hearts.

Below is the link of school celebrations.

Republic Day – 2019-2020

DPGA celebrated the 71st republic day today, the 26th of January 2020, where the students presented different cultural items like the dances, self composed patriotic poems and speeches. The preamble was read by the student council. Today, these dance students will participate in the Times of India competition to be held at Phoenix market city and we wish them all the best.

In her inspirational speech, our director, Dr Sharda Sharma mentioned about the self faith that the students should have, when they embark upon their challenges in life and how India can continue to set examples of unity and strength in diversity. She also urged the audience to remember the cultural foundation of our country and to take pride in being an Indian citizen.

The event ended with a medley of patriotic songs presented by the teachers.

Republic Day – 2018-2019

70th Republic Day celebrated on 26th January, 2019 with fun and excitement. DPGA offered its gratitude to the almighty as the event began. The patriotic fervor marked another level with teachers singing performance. The speech evoked the patriotic spirit in each and every one of us. The enthusiastic parents performed with zeal. The event ended with a spirit of joy, peace & oneness in the hearts of students, parents and teachers.


Republic Day – 2017-2018

The 69th Republic Day was celebrated at Dr. Pillai Global Academy, Gorai with a patriotic fervour. Dr. Sharda Sharma, our deputy C.E.O. hoisted the national flag. Dr. T. A. James director of our school, lead the pledge.

Various cultural activities were held and the gathering was treated with some spectacular performances. The students of Primary section performed a dance giving an inspiring message to stay united. A motivational medley of songs was presented by students of primary and check-point. Students of IBDP stood out as excellent orators and comperes for the event.

The celebration concluded with vote of thanks for everyone.