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Dr. Sharda Sharma

Head of School
Dy. CEO and Director

Ph.D. (Education)
M.Ed. (Education)
M.A. (English Literature)

We are inspired by the collaborative will, and effort of a multitude of participants, who function as initiators, facilitators and mentors to equip our students to be global citizens, who are kind, compassionate and logical in the thoughts and deeds.

Below, are the highlights of her impressive credentials and achievements:
An Exemplar of Educational Excellence and Leadership, Dr. Sharda Sharma is a lifelong learner and a staunch advocate of intellectual and professional growth. She has proved to be a beacon of leadership in the realm of education. With a remarkable academic background and a proven track record in leadership, organizational management, teaching, and communication, she has carved an indelible mark in the world of education.

A Visionary School Director
Associated with Dr. Pillai Global Academy since its inception in 2003, Dr.Sharma has been instrumental in establishing and overseeing the growth of three international schools. Demonstrating her unparalleled leadership for more than two decades, her expertise spans affiliations, budgets, schedules, policies, accreditations, and evaluations. Her remarkable leadership is underscored by her skill in developing, implementing, and coordinating 21st-century standard international curricula, including CAIE and IBDP.

University Professor
As an Assistant Professor at the University of Mumbai, Dr. Sharma shares her expertise and knowledge with B. Ed colleges in teaching and college accreditation. Her proficiency is demonstrated in different subjects like ‘Cultural dimensions’ and ‘Psychology” teaching the B.Ed. students.

Nurturing Excellence
One of Dr. Sharma’s remarkable strengths lies in her commitment to school-wide professional development ensures that the institution continues to flourish.
With her extraordinary ability to recruit, supervise, train, and evaluate faculty, she places a strong emphasis on recognizing and building on the strengths of individuals, creating an environment where each student can thrive. Coming to fruition, is also her dream of having an ‘International Teachers Training institution, which will soon see the light of the day.

Spiritual Commitment
In addition to her educational pursuits, Dr. Sharma serves as the Vice President and Trustee of an international spiritual institution. Her deep inclination towards spirituality is reflected in her dedication to this noble cause.

Global Impact
Invited as a speaker, workshop leader and moderator for panellists, Dr. Sharma is recognized as a leader not only at the school level but also on a global stage. As an IB Evaluation Leader, she plays a pivotal role in ensuring the quality of education in international schools worldwide. Her involvement as an examiner at the International Baccalaureate further exemplifies her commitment to global education standards.

Author and presenter (Academic Contributions and Recognitions)
Dr. Sharma’s contributions to academia are notable. She has authored different books like ‘Academy Policies’, ‘Curriculum Consciousness’ (Cambridge curriculum), articles for international magazines and her work has been published in prestigious journals, including PHCER Academic Journal and the Indian Council of Social Science and Research.

Her commitment to educational innovation has also been recognized through various awards, including the Leadership and Innovation award from the International Women’s Leadership Forum, the Rashtriya Gaurav award from IIFS, Best citizens of india award and the ‘Education Icon’ award by the Times of India, among others.

Innovative Spirit
Dr. Sharma’s innovation extends beyond education. Her patent for the ‘Mathoscope’ in Germany showcases her commitment to enhancing the learning experience. This was endorsed by the government of India as ‘deserving’.

Dr. Sharda Sharma is not just the Director and Head of School; she is a visionary leader, an academic, a global influencer, and an innovator. Her commitment to nurturing excellence and her dedication to the holistic development and spiritual well-being of individuals make her a multifaceted leader whose impact reaches far beyond the walls of the classroom. We are honored to have her at the helm of our institution, driving it towards excellence and holistic growth.

Mr. Maurice Coutinho


B.A., B.Ed.

A name synonymous with academic excellence and unwavering dedication, Mr. Coutinho brings over four decades of excellence in education and leadership. With an invaluable experience in nurturing young minds and guiding educators, he stands as the pillar of our institution and embodies the essence of educational leadership.

A Legacy of Leadership
Associated with Dr. Pillai Global Academy since 2009, Mr. Maurice Coutinho has a storied career, marked by his remarkable journey as a leader. He has not only led various schools but has also held pivotal positions in different educational organizations, serving as both a principal and director of research. His extensive involvement in various authoritative roles has enriched his perspective, making him a truly seasoned leader in the field of education.

A commitment to excellence, safety and well-being
Being a disciplinarian by nature – a quality that reflects in his work – Mr. Coutinho believes in meticulous planning, leaving no stone unturned to ensure the safety and well-being of our students. With his astute leadership, he has successfully created an environment where the pursuit of knowledge is paired with utmost safety and care. His commitment to fostering a safe, healthy environment for our students is deeply rooted.

A visionary leader
Mr. Coutinho strives for educational innovation and progress. His profound understanding of curriculum development, nurtured over years of experience, sets the foundation for academic excellence at our institution. He is dedicated to ensuring that our students receive an education that’s not just comprehensive but also forward-looking.

His vision and commitment to safety, discipline, and academic excellence make him a truly remarkable leader, setting the standard for educational leadership. Welcome to an educational journey led by Mr. Maurice Coutinho, where learning is not just a process but a profound experience of growth and enlightenment.