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Cell Phone Courtesy Month

Cell Phone Courtesy Month Celebration – 22nd July, 2019

JULY is the National Cell phone Courtesy Month – an event founded in 2002 by Jacqueline Whitmore, an author of Business Class Etiquette Essentials. To enlighten the students on Cell Phone Courtesy Month, DPGA celebrated the event in three separate venues, bifurcating the students from grade 1 to 10 into three groups.

The school had invited guests, from the Police dept. Police inspector, Mr Ahwad, Asst Police inspector Mr Prakash Lahani and Lady PSI, Ms Archana Khanda to inform the students about the purpose of having cell phones and its usage in an appropriate manner. This was followed by a mime, an act of gestures, by the IB students showing the downside of mobile phones in our lives.

The students had a very interactive session with the teachers sharing their understanding about these sessions. They were not only educated on the types of etiquette while using cell phones but also on the pros and cons of today’s wireless devices.