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Our kids as Bhaajiwalas

And today our students stole our hearts once again! This time being the famous Bhaajiwalas af Mumbai.This activity of the Early years uppers was coordinated by our IB students through their CAS projects, including the Sustainable Development Goal No. 15 (Life on Land)

The reserves will be used to buy seeds and donate to the local farmers, thereby helping in the overall environmental development. Oblivious of the nobility involved, our tiny hands continued selling the bhaajis with their slogans and dialogues …. bhaaji le lo! Taazi bhaaji le lo! (real conversation today 👇🏼)

Buyer: Bhaiya, bhindi kaisi di?
Bhajiwala: ₹20/-
Buyer: Arrey inti mehengi?
Bhaajiwala: Aage jaao, aage jaao.

While the Early years / Pre primary kids learnt the differences in denominations, parents’ happiness and excitement knew no bounds.

We look forward to many more such activities once the school reopens again in June.