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Pre-Primary Marathon

Pre-Primary Marathon 2020

Celebrating the Vivekanand International day, Dr. Pillai Global Academy once again stepped forward towards saving the environment-‘run for a cause’ on 11th January 2020 at the Sanjay Gandhi National park. The DPGA Preprimary kids used all their wits and guts to make it to the final mark during their 2nd marathon run this year.

While the kids of the Uppers and Middle sections treaded on familiar grounds, fresher’s of the Lowers sections adapted to the newness of it all within no time and we had the winners at the victory stand smiling ear to ear, celebrating their glorious win.

When kids can run, the parents and grandparents wouldn’t want to stay behind. Gathering all their strength and mettle, the DPGA parents ran shoulder to shoulder trying to beat each other in the tracks and simultaneously winning their well-deserved medals too.

This was followed by the marathon run by the IB students and then by the school teachers.

The National park came alive with our school banners and flags of different houses. As a part of their CAS activity, the IB students organised this marathon, adding to the ‘Activity’ and ‘Service’ components of their IB curriculum.

Pre-Primary Marathon 2019

Kids run for the Environment at Sanjay Gandhi National Park. Celebrating Swami Vivekanand International Day, in association with the NGO Sadguru Mangeshda Kriya Yoga Foundation and powered by Avani’s (writing classes).