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Educational School Trip to Delhi

Educational School Trip to Delhi – Jim Corbett – Nainital

A week long school trip was organized in mid September to Delhi – Jim Corbett National Park and Nainital. It was a fun filled trip away from school and home where students had the opportunity to learn in a totally different environment. They learnt to look after themselves and their belongings away from the supervision of their parents. They learnt to adjust themselves in the company of their colleagues and friends. They learnt to live out off a suitcase, being on the move.

They had a taste of history with a panoramic view of Rajghat, Parliament house, India gate and the heritage site of the Qutb Minar while in Delhi.

The thrill of going on a jeep safari deep into the Corbett national park cannot be put into words; the excitement and joy of driving through thick forest hoping to catch a glimpse of a monstrous cat darting for cover have somehow even escaped the photographs too. The keen eyes of the students however did manage to sight peacocks, monkeys, spotted deers, langur, wild fowls to mention a few. A visit to the Corbett museum brought us face to face with some of the preserved man-eaters of yester years.

Travelling the winding route up to Nainital did lull a few to sleep, but once there breathing the cool, clean air brought all back to life. A visit to the snow view point by cable car was breathtaking, while the boat ride was more relaxing.

The bonfire on the last night at Nainital helped to bring the spirit of camaraderie and friendship to the fore. The trip was well planned and executed by M/S. Adventure Education Tours Pvt. Ltd.