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TOK Exhibition by IBDP 1 Students

13th May, 2022

This component contributes immensely to the holistic development of our students. It is assessed by the teacher examiners and will be sent to the IB for moderation.

Present at the occasion were Mr. Frank Braccia-Head of IB schools Association, India west, Mrs. Snehal-Head of school (former)-Cathedral Lonavla & Amby school, Prakash Sir from our Panvel school & our very own Mabel ma’am & Sharda ma’am.

TOK Exhibition (May 2021)

IB Diploma students present the 1st TOK (Theory of Knowledge) exhibition before Directors and Principals of other schools.

15th May, 2021 saw the students of IB2 of DPGA Gorai, exhibiting their well-honed knowledge and skills through different objects presenting each through a prescribed question of knowledge. It projected how TOK manifests around us in our day to day lives and how the TOK key concepts can be applied to the real world.

This virtual exhibition was attended by a gamut of highly revered Educationists like Mr. Frank Braccasia, founding head of Gold crest International school, Mrs. Meera Sain, advisor to different renowned schools in Mumbai, the COO of MES, Dr. Priam Pillai, Dr. Howard Gee Principal of DSB school, TOK coordinators from other schools, our Head of School Dr. Sharda ma’am, Principal Maurice Sir, other school heads, staff, our own dear students from different sections and their parents.

The interesting aspect of the exhibition was the emphasis on open-mindedness, articulation of views on knowledge and the question answer session. Through the questions asked by the various educationists and teachers, students not only put forth their own perspectives, but critically reflected on other’s beliefs, values and perspectives too.

In the words of Mr. Frank, “Your students’ knowledge is indeed impressive. We have ourselves learnt so much from them today”.

Mrs. Meera stated, “Your students displayed maturity much beyond their age. Congratulations to each and every participant.I really enjoyed listening to your young philosophers”.

Overall, it was a highly knowledgeable session where our students projected skills that match an adult’s thinking, leaving the faculty proud of their students.