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Trip to Hyderabad

A Cast-away community service program was organised for the IB Diploma students at Shahpur, far away from the Hyderabad city. This 5 days schedule at Khila Ghanpur included village immersion where students spent time with the families and discussed possibilities of lifestyle improvement.

After the morning rejuvenating sessions, the students would head out for different activities, which included hiking, scrambling, rappelling and biodiversity sampling etc. Students learnt rope skills & building structures towards Emergency Rescue Procedures and Bush Craft of Fire & Food.

Preparation of the famous Hyderabadi Biryani, Sheer Kurma & Kebab got the students involved in hunting for the best ingredients across the campus at Shahpur.

Sports, huddle, theatre, Junkyard music, hunting journeys, sounds of nature, reflections and the like were aimed towards the CAS [Creativity, Activity & Service] component of the IB Diploma program.