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University Campus Visit for our IB students

On 23rd October 2021, IB students of Dr Pillai Global Academy had the opportunity to undertake a campus tour of a liberal university in Raigad. Seeking courses that would aid in their university journey, the school chose a university that successfully blends the liberal framework into professional streams.

Following the IB ethos of integration of different subjects and their disciplines, the school also seeks universities where the new systems and evolving curricula are customized to suit the students’ aspirations and appetite for learning, and one that would transcend the boundaries between different streams. These universities have evolved a curriculum that extend this privilege to professional qualifications. This includes the work-based learning programs and the options of lateral movement between vocational and formal degree programs for students.

On this day, students had the opportunity to explore the extensive vocational options – both academic and nonacademic.

To understand the path breaking professional curriculum of the University, the deans of the different schools – Design, Music, Law, Engineering, Data science, and Science and technology – gave an insightful and informative talk about the various disciplines which helped the students identify their own potential and reflect on areas for personal growth.

Exploring the university campus, students toured the sports complex- both indoor and outdoor, where interaction with the coaches was a new experience. Participation in various team sports of the facilities towards the end of the visit invigorated the students.

The meticulous planning by the school and the active involvement of the students with the Head of School, the coordinators and the school staff during the planning and execution helped them overcome the hurdles of the pandemic and have a successful, memorable and an enlightening trip.