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International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day 2021

Every year on 8th March, International Women’s Day is celebrated around the word!

But why – you might ask – do we have a day especially for women? Well, it’s fair to say that throughout history, women haven’t always received the fairest of treatment.

Women haven’t always been able to work, vote, or been given the same rights as men.

So since the early 1900s, women around the world have celebrated an International Women’s Day, campaigning for equal rights and shining a spotlight on brilliant women across the globe. It’s a day that people around the world dedicated to the women in their lives. Women’s Day celebrates the importance and significance of women in every person’s life.

It’s a day where women are recognized and celebrated in their fields. These women have a fierce and robust spirit, which makes them excel in their respective areas. They deserve all the love and support that the world gives them on this day.

It’s a day to show the women in your lives how much you care for them and love them. It’s a day which is celebrated around the globe with a lot of love and happiness. It’s an occasion where you show the women in your life how much their existence means to you.

Happy Women’s Day!