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World Food Day

World Food Day 2020

Our Early years (preprimary) and Primary sections virtually participated in the WORLD FOOD DAY. It is a day that is observed globally on October 16th every year, with the objective to eradicate global hunger. Nobody deserves to be starved! (MES supports this cause through its NGO wing – read below)

Our Primary students interacted on healthy food habits and the importance of food in our lives.

This year’s World Food Day theme is “Grow, Nourish, Sustain”. Together our actions will shape the Future!

Throughout the world, several activities are held, where people unite in spirit to feed the hungry. Our little students too came forward to spread this message-‘Let us provide for people who are in our close environment and this way when everybody does their bit, the whole world will be free of starvation.’

The DPGA students pledged to feed the starved and propagated zero wastage of food. Such was the stellar enthusiasm of our bright students! Well that’s the real face of humanity-to take care of each other and spread the joy. What a wonderful learning for all of us!

This is followed by our support for INTERNATIONAL DAY FOR THE ERADICATION OF POVERTY. Mahatma Education Society, in collaboration with its International NGO wing, Soroptimist Welfare Association (SIBC) is organising the Project – ‘Fistful of Grains’ to donate food items to the marginalized sections of the society. The items are placed on the Amazon Registry with a minimum purchase of Rs. 100/- (Link of Amazon Registry and Video for transaction). Our community members from different campuses have been generous in supporting this social cause.

You can deliver the items purchased, at our school campus until 7th November, the items received will be donated to orphanages.

During this period of festivities let’s be generous with our contribution in spreading happiness to the marginalized. You may wish to forward this message to your friends, family and support this Social cause.

Link to Amazon Registry

Video for Amazon Registry

World Food Day 2019

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