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World Photography Day 2021

“A photograph is the pause button of life” – anonymous

In February 2020, the entire world went under lockdown, all hope seemed lost amidst the pandemic, if not for the one thing that kept us going – memories! Memories captured in photographs we’d wish never to forget.

Photography is something that embraces reality in such a subtle way that it actually becomes something more than a reality. So, today we celebrate the magic of cameras and the entrancing photos we capture.
World Photography Day is observed on August 19 every year, across the world when professionals, amateurs and hobbyist photographers unite to celebrate their love for photography.

World photography day originates from the invention of daguerreotype which is a photographic process developed by Louis Daguerre. A few months after the invention on August 19th, 1839, the French government declared the marvelous invention was gift, free for the world to use!