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Virtual MUN Conference

On 30th November 2020, the IBDP students of Grade 11 participated in a virtual MUN conference. Conceptualised, planned and executed by them with the help of CAS coordinators, the topic for the MUN was ‘TO DISCUSS THE MACROECONOMIC POLICIES ADDRESSING THE CONCERNS OF ECONOMIC CRISIS DUE TO COVID-19 AND TO FOSTER FUTURE ECONOMIC GROWTH AND STABILITY’. The IBDP students represented 6 different countries namely- USA, UAE, Russia, Spain, India and Brazil to address the issue in their respective nations. The event began with an opening speech delivered by the IBDP student Mr. Vansh. This was followed by the discussions that focused on the impact of coronavirus which each country was facing and how their respective governmental bodies were taking initiatives to meet the demands of its population in these times of crisis. Towards the end of the MUN, the students successfully formulated the draft of resolutions for overcoming financial crisis and stabilizing the economy of all the nations. The program ended with a closing speech given by Ms. Juhi Purohit (IBDP Grade 11 student). This activity helped in instilling not only the IB Learner profile attributes, but students were also equipped with different skills, that would aid them in their future growth and development.