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Annual Day

Annual Day 2021

“It is impossible to produce superior performance unless you do something very different” – John Templeton

Dr. Pillai Global Academy’s grand event, the Annual Day 2021 has been an event of its kind. An extravaganza, it was the much awaited spectacle of the year. The Annual Day was conducted on 23rd December, 2021.

Though it was our first virtual Annual Day, we witnessed a plethora of talents and hard work of teachers, students and parents, blended into one.

Graced with the bewitching theme of ‘Come Far Away’, it was also the expression of kindness in one of the most darkest times of human history.

Our enthusiastic students stole our hearts away with their mesmerizing performances, and the parents with their exceptional talent and participation added to its elegance.

This annual day was not only an opportunity to showcase various talents, but also to present our future superstars who reside in our midst.

The Annual Day 2021 is truly an event to remember!

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