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Metamorphosis & Graduation Day

Graduation Day 2022

Graduation day is celebrated every year for Uppers students going to Grade I. Graduation – is a time to celebrate new beginnings and say good bye to everything that has given you a reason to smile. It brings about warm memories of the past and big dreams for the future. To celebrate the progression and development of the students of Uppers at Dr. Pillai Global Academy students shared their futuristic vision and dreams. This was followed by the distribution of graduation certificates in line with their performances.

Metamorphosis 2022

“Hard work beats talent if talent doesn’t work hard”- Tim Notke. Dr. Pillai global academy’s grand event i.e. Metamorphosis was much awaited by kids, parents and teachers. Metamorphosis forms an integral part of our school activities. It is an occasion of celebration, felicitation, fest and festivity when students present their wonderful performance. Metamorphosis is a day not of celebration but our memory. This event also gives an opportunity to our students to learn about moral values and the core values instilled at DPGA.

Metamorphosis & Graduation Day 2021

Our Early Years section celebrated Metamorphosis this year with an added enthusiasm and ecstasy. Different events included a mixed composition of different songs, dialogues, dances, skits & music with our students sporting ethnic & casual attires for the show. As a part of the culmination of the school year, this event reflected the determination of students in not only overcoming the trying circumstances brought about by the pandemic, but also in celebrating their achievements through songs, dance and drama. The colorful program was exciting and thought provoking where one could see the enthusiasm and excitement not only with students but also with teachers and parents. While we appreciate the participation of students & cooperation from parents, teaching and technical staff in making Metamorphosis a grand success, we also look forward to our sweet little students moving to the next grade with augmented skills, accelerated will power and enhanced wisdom.