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‘Mysteries of the Unseen World’ and ‘Asteroid – Mission Extreme’

The students of Dr. Pillai Academy, Gorai, had an unusual opportunity to witness the educational Movies organised by the renowned T.V. channel “National Geographic”. The movies titled ‘Mysteries of the Unseen World’ and ‘Asteroid – Mission Extreme’ respectively, aroused the curiosity of the students to an incredible extent.

Students received and absorbed new information about the cosmos enveloping above and the creatures around us. It was quite an enriching take away, when students assimilated wondrous facts that they were oblivious to. They became aware of the many minute details that can be visible and amplified only after scrutinized observations under powerful microscopes.

Students were ushered into a Projection room where in they learned the various techniques of projecting movies on a screen.

The movies left the students awe-struck of the wonders of the mysterious world.

We look forward to many such enriching experiences in the future too.