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About CAS

The CAS programme allows an all-round personality development of the student. The student is balanced in nature and is able to develop certain attributes and important life skills. The student identifies his own strengths and is able to develop areas for growth. When he undertakes challenges, he is confident and can project this through the new skills that have been developed in the process. The entire CAS experience is one that demonstrates how a plan is carried out, strategies well organized and initiatives taken. The student thus shows determination, perseverance and commitment throughout this CAS experience. Collaborative working, team work, time management, etc. are the benefits that are demonstrated through the skills acquired by the students. International mindedness is further projected when student takes up issues related to the world and engagement with global significance is demonstrated through the activities undertaken. All in all the choices made, the initiatives taken and the actions carried out are recognised through careful and ethical consideration of their work. All the activities undertaken by the student highlight a few major aspects like planning, investigation, preparation, communication, understanding, action, reflection and demonstration. A framework is laid out for meticulous planning with respect to the amount of time and effort that the student will spend on each stage keeping in mind the different experiences and their learning outcomes.