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Primary Years – Grades 1 to 5

The Cambridge International Primary Programme, being inherently flexible, has been customised by us to meet the needs of children living in competitive environments today.

During the Primary Years at Dr. Pillai Global Academy, your child will study English, Mathematics and Science through a framework devised by the University of Cambridge.

Other subjects studied include:

Information Communication Technology, Humanities, Languages, The Arts and Design and Technology. The curriculum for these subjects has been compiled by our team of experts from UK, USA, Canada, Australia and Singapore.

Skills Development
The emphasis in all subjects is learning skills as well as knowledge; a large amount of time will be spent on developing and refining skills so that your child will possess the expertise that will make him / her a more effective learner now and in the future.

Outdoor Educational Trips and Practical Work
Outdoor activities are a regular part of the curriculum. It gives your child first hand experience in carrying out their own investigations as well as develops teamwork, values and confidence.

Individualised Activities
Our teachers constantly monitor your child to identify their strengths and weaknesses. Lessons are then planned in accordance with individual student needs.

At Dr. Pillai Global Academy, we have high expectations for our students. They are required to treat others with respect and courtesy. It is our belief that we should build careers by building character. Moreover, we continuously encourage students to reach beyond their potential.