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Bookaru Literacy Fest 2021

Knowledge of languages is the doorway to wisdom.”

This year again, The North Creek Literacy Fest – Bookaru 2021 was held on the virtual platform from 9th – 14th August, 2021 with full fervour and enthusiasm. Throughout the week, fun filled language learning activities were conducted from Early years to grade 12 with the motive to reinforce the concept, make learning more enjoyable and to enhance language skills instilled in class.

The theme for Bookaru 2021 was CAIE learners attributes, the purpose of the which is to instill and support the development of five powerful and highly desirable learning attributes – confident, responsible, reflective, innovative and engaged . These attributes ensure that our students develop not only academic skills but also life skills throughout their education.

The Bookaru activities were aimed towards enhancing students’ thinking skills and honing the listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. Students also learnt how the learner attribute traits play an important part in the current global crisis. Various interesting activities were conducted including recitation, character enactments, book reviews, videos of book trailers, news reports, quizzes, activities about the life and works of English writers, etc. On the culminating day of Bookaru, the college students prepared and conducted language games that provided opportunities for self-determination and collaboration with others, in turn fostering a sense of accomplishment and enjoyment.

The splendour and success of this online celebration was the result of the collaborative efforts of the students, teachers and parents.

DPGA’s Bookaru 2021 has certainly helped the students to showcase their talents while experiencing the magic of English language and literature.

Bookaru Fest 2020

This year, The North Creek Literacy Fest – Bookaru 2020 was held on a virtual platform.

This language festival brought to light the international camaraderie, dissolving and morphing the borders and cultures across the globe.

Our DPGA students and parents enthusiastically participated in the fest. In highlighting the sense of oneness, to create intercultural awareness and appreciation, to foster in children the need to be open-minded about the differences and draw similarities between beliefs and experiences, activities for Bookaru 2020 were conducted in all the languages studied at school.

Students took part in various activities during the week involving all the skills integral to language development.

These activities were not only fun based, but also a major extension of their syllabus through experiential learning. After the week long learning activities, Saturday, the 26th September, was the culminating day of Bookaru, which was enjoyed by the entire school community. While the preprimary students dressed in various traditional attires of the world, others wore masks they had made to project the idea that behind the mask, everyone is just the same-humans!

Skits and songs overtly brought about the similarities between different cultures of the world. Some exciting activities and games were also the highlight of the culminating day of Bookaru.

Students look forward to many such learning activities in celebrating the Math and Science festivals in the coming months.

Bookaru Fest 2019-20

Striving to achieve educational equity for hundreds of village children across India, we at DPGA support the Book Donation Drive (with Share-A-Book India Association – SABIA) which began with our Literacy Fest Bookaru 2019.

We thank the parents for supporting us in this cause as we take on the next step with this chapter.

This year’s North Creek Literary Fest Bookaru 2019 revolved around the theme The Evergreen Literary Classics.

The week-long fest began from 23rd September until 28th September which resonated the theme all along.

Students from the pre primary till the Secondary sections participated enthusiastically in all the activities.

The theme proved to be a great opportunity for students to explore literary classics. Students in the primary and pre-primary had a gala time dressing up in characters from various classic authors.

The finale of Bookaru witnessed some Vibrant Stalls, Game Stalls and Exhibition Counters orchestrated by the Teachers and Parents respectively.

The display all around the lobby reverberated the theme consisting of a wind chime, a display of book spines and bookmarks prepared by our very own children during the week.

We appreciate the efforts of our Parents and Students who patronised the stalls.

Bookaru is an effort on the part of the school every year to instill language skills in students and to hone the extended language learning in students. This year indeed it was another feather to our school’s cap.

Bookaru Fest 2018-19

Dr. Pillai Global Academy’s Bookaru 2018 – marked by flamboyant events in attendance and participation of a galore of students, parents, teachers and the community!

Bookaru was a tremendous success! The reason for its success can’t be limited to a single day. The meticulous planning, organization and participation of the students of IB has been the true trump card of success for this event!

Bookaru, this year, with its theme ‘The Apotheosis of the Indian treatise, had a whopping 20 stalls of multifarious literacy games for all age groups, all industriously planned and conducted by students of DPGA themselves and strategically organized by the adroit students of IB! Parents’ enthusiastic involvement in Bookaru to manage game stalls of their own as part of being the teaching-learning community was received tremendously well by all parents and students alike. The puppet theatrical performance by parents and very young students totally stole the show and the hearts of the audience! The guest speaker, father of Heet Jain of 5A, Mr. Pankaj Jain’s insightful message on hoax news sure served as an eye-opener for most audience.

The highlight of the event was the presence of the young writer, Gopika Rajesh Menon, from our own sister institution – Mahatma Education Society. Her book, ‘Breathings of my Heart’ was easily the most chosen book of the day for many parents and students. Her presence was sure an inspiration to all our fledgling writers of DPGA.

The inception of the ideas for Bookaru, definitely was in DPGA’s endeavor to make its students inquirers, thinkers, knowledgeable, risk-takers, balanced, principled, communicators, open-minded, caring and reflective. With students and parents having thoroughly enjoyed the games, it is no doubt that students have learnt a great deal and have taken away loads of memories to cherish from their experiences of being a part of our DPGA’s Bookaru 2018.

Congratulations and Godspeed to all students and parents who have made this day a monumental success!

Bookaru 2017-18 - The North Creek Literacy Fest

The North Creek Literacy Fest – Bookaru is celebrated every year at DPGA with an objective to promote academic learning & enhance the literacy skills of students. This year the Bookaru Fest, organised by Dr Pillai Global Academy, commenced on Monday, 18th September, 2017.

The theme – ‘The Power of Women – the Epitome of Perfection’, resonated entire week long, with our students coming to the forefront to highlight the multifaceted qualities embedded in women.

The week was set into motion with the students presenting some great women writers from across the world. This week witnessed budding poets within our students who recited poets of well-known women poets. Students not only delivered short discourses related to the theme, but also retold a fairy tale with a twist in it. During this week students prepared beautiful items to be displayed on the following day, 23rd September, 2017 which was celebrated pompously. Game Stalls, library corner, a makeshift bookfair and Haiku Presentation in the Auditorium by the keynote speaker Mrs. Rochelle Potkar kept the parents & students enthralled throughout. Following this session, IB students gave an enchanting performance of the jubilant Shakespearean skit ‘The Merchant of Venice.’ It was truly touching to see an event of the past come back to life.

The Bookaru Fest left a lasting impression on everyone’s mind. Each one was satisfied with the event and spoke highly of the Literacy Festival.

Bookaru 2016-17 - The North Creek Literary Fest and Old Age Home

“The North Creek Bookaru” Literary Fest commenced at Dr. Pillai Global Academy from 19th to 24th September. This year the fest featured activities such as Debates, Elocution, Spellathon and events related to literature of different languages such as English, Hindi, Marathi, French, and Spanish. These events were designed to meet the intellectual and academic needs of the child. Activities such as Code Cracker, What’s your story, Peg the word, I spy with my little eye, Guess what it is? etc got the students involved enthusiastically. The Bookaru library not only motivated the students & parents towards reading but also showcased their love towards book & literature.

The literary conventions, literary movements, authors, isms, poets and the like all seem to come alive today in the halls and auditorium of DPGA. I am indeed proud to be associated with this school which lays importance on the extension of learning in the classroom, in such unique manner, said an over –excited parent. The book fair which showcased both Indian and international storybooks saw piles of books being taken home for leisure time reading. The week-long event came to a closure with a bang on 24th September wherein all the parents and the students from preprimary to checkpoint participated in various games that enhanced their reading, writing, speaking and listening skills.

Old Age Home

Thank you parents for patronizing the stalls at the ‘Bookaru’ Literacy Fest.

We helped the Old Age Homes and Orphanages with Wheelchairs, Medicines and Basic Necessities.