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World Science Day

Science Day 2017-18

The World Science Day for Peace and Development (WSDPD) is annually held on 10th November to raise awareness about the benefits of science worldwide.

Dr. Pillai Global Academy celebrated the Science Day on 10th November, 2017 by organizing different science activities related to biographies of different scientists.

Scientific experiments and quizzes enlightened the students of different grades visiting the exhibition. Scientific fun games and stalls emphasized the importance of science and technology in our day to day lives.

The secondary science department organized the annual science week in a unique manner under one theme i.e., ‘ENVIRONMENT’ and the sub themes were Water, Air, Energy and Nutrition where the major aim was

  • To make students aware of the scientists behind these fields.
  • To sensitize the students about the current situation of our environment and how the world is taking measures to tackle the issue using technology.


  • Models were related to Hydroelectricity, Water cycle, Conservation of water as a resource, Water purification (Chlorination, Filtration, Sedimentation, Distillation). The students explained their models through charts and presentation.


  • Models were related to Green building, Air conditioner, Air Purifier, melting of ice at the northern regions, lung cancer and windmill.


  • Models were related to Hydropower, Motor working using solar panels, windmill.


  • The theme of Nutrition saw working models and charts on : Balanced diet, Food pyramid, Food adulteration test, Malnutrition, GMO and Food packaging technology.
  • Students also researched about the scientists like Christiaan Eijkman, E. V. McCollum and William Cumming Rose, who contributed in the subject of Nutrition.
  • Grade 10 students prepared a video on nutrition